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I must admit that I actually entered a poem to, not because I though that it would be selected, but because I hoped that it would. Imagine my surprise when I got an email saying how great a poem it was and that it would be entered in the next volume. Yeah sure I had to pay to have it on its very own page, and who wouldn’t just so they could see their name in print?

Luckily I am not that bloody vain. Hell, if they loved it so much I reckon that they would be paying me just so that they could include it into whatever volume they had planned at the time. I usually get emails from them every now and again trying to score one thing or another but so far they haven’t got anything out of me.

As far as scams go, I think is more of an annoyance than anything else. I would really like hear of anyone’s experience with, especially if they had bought a volume that included on of their poems.

As far as I am concerned…..

What A Load Of Bullshit

After watching this video one has to wonder at the beauty of these majestic creatures and how a nation can hunt these and other whales under the guise of a so called scientific research program. Fortunately because of public outcry, these whales have been saved, but not so for some other species.

Although Greanpeace is doing what it can to hinder Japanese from slaughtering, they continue on their merry way.

As for their so called “scientific research program”, all I can say is

What A Load Of Bullshit