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So, here we have the regurgitated Rudd leading a Labor Party that is doing all it can do to survive the next election. A problem that is of their own doing because over the last two terms that they have been in power they’ve done nothing but cause problems for our beautiful country. Rudd is promoting a new Labor in the hope that Aussies will forget all the shit that the old Labor has put us through. Unfortunately all we have is the old Labor trying to pull the wool over our eyes, again. Just keep in mind that once they kicked Gillard out and put yo-yo Rudd back in control there was a mass walkout of ministers who could not stomach working for him again.

Last night, just before the second campaign debate for the People’s Forum at the Broncos Leagues Club, Rudd once again showed what an arrogant, hurtful person he can be. Once again Mr Rudd shows his true colours while having his make-up done by make-up artise Lily Fontana. She claims she’s never had a client treat her so badly. Rudd made such a bad impression that she forgot herself and posted the following on Facebook.

Kevin Rudd Abuses Make-Up Artist

This isn’t the first time Rudd has been an arse-hole either. I did a post some time ago on another blog about when he abused a RAAF Flight attendant, making her cry because he didn’t like the meal she served him. Lily Fontana later removed the post because of the furore it caused saying she regret having posted it. Lily, don’t be sorry, we are so thankful for the post because it shows the true character of the man who wants to be our Prime Minister.

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, former Labor prime minister Bob Hawke defended Mr Rudd.

‘‘Let’s assume that this report is right, that Kevin was a bit rude to the make-up artist. Let’s assume that’s correct,’’ he told reporters in Adelaide.

‘‘If you’re an intelligent voter, what’s going to be more important to you – the fact that under a great deal of pressure the Prime Minister was just in passing a bit rude to a person, or that he is going to have for your kids and your grandchildren a better education policy, a better health policy, a better economic policy?

‘‘What’s the thing that’s going to determine your vote for God’s sake?’’

Of course it’s correct Bob, why would she lie? I’ll tell you what though mate, an intelligent voter would not vote for Labor because they would judge them on their past performance over the last two terms. They would remember the lies over the carbon tax. They would remember how Labor squandered the surplus left by the previous Government and have left us in an unmanageable debt. They would see how Rudd has nothing to say leading up to the election other than to lie about Liberal policies that haven’t even been released yet. But then, that is what Labor does best, scare mongering in the hope that they can convince enough Aussie to vote for them whilst casting a snow screen full of labor bullshit.

C’mon Aussies, think before you vote, show the rest of the world we’re not stupid enough to put Labor in for another term after two terms of complete and utter bullshit.

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Come on guys. You can’t honestly want him as your Prime Minister again can you? He’s why we’re in the state that we are in at the moment. In debt up to our eyeballs! He’s also why the illegal immigrants situation is out of control and why so many are losing their lives in their efforts to get here. Shit, his own party didn’t like or want him, that’s why they kicked him out and put Gillard in his place. The man that we Aussies voted in. Yep, we voted Kevin 07 in not Gillard. I consider that a slap in the face.

Then when they saw that Gillard turned out to be a thorn in their side, what did they do? They put him back in the reins again. Hang on a sec, we voted Julia Gillard in didn’t we. Seems to me we’re the one who should vote her out, not the labor party. You have to admit that is bullshit. That they can decide who runs the country without even asking for our opinion. And why did they pick Rudd? Because he’s good at using his snake oil charm to win over the populace.

That he can win people over with his fake smiles and stupid sayings is unbelievable. Heck, he’s even popular with the social media. Just check out the inane comments when he Tweets his stupid shaving accident.

Rudd or Abbott


I don’t know about you but I want a PM who has more to say and do than post inane crap using Social media. What scares me is that there are so many people who would vote for him. After all the bullshit he’s caused, so much that we’re drowning in his mistakes. The problem with Rudd is that it’s more about him and his popularity than it is about doing what is right for Australia.

He promises that if we were stupid enough to vote him in he will put us in a surplus in 3 years! Shit, we were in a surplus when Labor took over and we’ve gone downhill ever since. I’ve lost count of all the times they promised a surplus in the last 6 years and instead we’ve gone deeper and deeper into debt!

The problem with Rudd is he doesn’t think. He doesn’t even consult his minions he just makes policy on the fly. Like the Fringe Benefits Tax on cars. It didn’t even occur to him that such a move would sign the death nell for our struggling car industry. How many people would lose their jobs then? Shit, that would have the complete opposite result of what they were looking for.

People I’ve talked to say they don’t like Tony Abbott. Why, because he’s not as good a spin doctor as Rudd is? Is it because he isn’t as smooth a talker as Rudd is? Quite honestly I think he deserves a chance. Labor has had the last 6 years of showing us how inept they are. I think the Liberals need a go to see if they can pull us out of the mire yet once again.

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Why Winning The Lottery Is Not Bullshit

I’ve done several posts about those bullshit lotteries, you know the ones. The ones you get in you inbox telling you that you’ve won the lottery when you’ve never even bought a lottery ticket. What is bullshit is expecting to win the lottery when you don’t actually go out and buy a ticket. Heck, everyone knows you have to be in it to win it, right?

Anyway, I’ve started a new blog called Get Online Lottery which amongst other things lists the best place to get lottery tickets online. I’m a member of all the sites listed on that blog and so I can vouch for them. I’ve even listed one of the best Online Betting sites that I’ve ever come across. It’s called William Hill and the bricks and mortar part of it has been around for years. They have now brought all their experience online so that all those who love going online can enjoy their services.

There are  lot of advantages of buying your tickets online, the best one being you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get your tickets. This is especially true when the lottery jackpots to a huge amount and you have to line up for heaps in order to buy your ticket. Now, that is really a load of bullshit. 😉

With the federal elections looming people are asking themselves whether or not we can trust Julia Gillard enough to give her another term in Government? There is only one way to answer this and that is to look at past performance. But before we get to that let’s take a look at how she became our current leader. She sure wasn’t voted in. Nope, that was Kevin Rudd, who was ditched unceremoniously when Labor thought he was a virtual thorn in their side. I wrote about it a post aptly named Julia Gillard Steps Over The Corpse Of Kevin Rudd where, after denying she would ever do it and that Kevin had her support, she knifed Kevin Rudd in the back and gained leadership. You could almost say she got the role with the lie, her first of many.

Another of her big lies was the one before running her first election where she said she would never introduce a carbon tax. Yeah, right! I wrote about the carbon tax in another post titled Can We Believe Julia Gillard’s Carbon Tax Scheme? It took ages for her to admit to this lie but when she finally does it clarified with another lie.

Has Julia Gillard Lie

I remember in a discussion I had with a Labor die hard about Julia Gillard’s lies that he qualified it by saying that so what, Howard Lied as well. Now while I know that most politicians will lie or stretch the truth I asked him to qualify that statement. He said Howard lied when he said that he would never introduce the GST. I said, yeah sure but there was a difference between the two. Julia Gillard said that she would not introduce the carbon tax and then as soon as she won it she introduced it. With Howard, even though he said he wouldn’t introduce it circumstances changed and rather than just introduce it, which is what Gillard did, he used it as a platform. When people voted for Howard they knew they were going to get the GST. It turns out the GST was a good thing that helped, amongst other things, to put money into Government coffers. So much so that they had saved millions. Millions that this government has blown. They’re actually living so far beyond their means that whilst they inherited a budget that was in the black we’re now in so much debt that it’s not funny.

Debt! That’s another thing entirely, but we’re talking about lies. There are actually so many lies one wonders which one to focus on. Maybe the one about Roxan giving up the position she apparently coveted for so long? But that one is hardly worth mentioning right? Heck, some of her lies are even posted on YouTube.

In truth, it doesn’t really matter how many lies Julia has told. What matters is that it has been proven she has lied in the past, like the one told way back in the 1995.

Lies aside, the main reason I personally would not vote for her this time around is because she is a Union puppet. The only reason she is still leading he party is because her union buddies haven’t found someone they can control to replace her. Having the union control how the country is run is something we should all be afraid of.