Don’t get me wrong, I’m a typical Aussie bloke and I love cleavage. Truth be told most blokes love cleavage and they’d be lying if they told you they didn’t. In fact I reckon most women love cleavage as well, otherwise there wouldn’t be so much of it around. Those that have it love to flaunt it and those who don’t find ways of giving themselves some cleavage. It’s no wonder that so many products are out there that will enhance a woman’s bust-line.

Products That Increase Cleavage

We’ve all seen stuff on TV that advertise ways for women to increase their cleavage. Stuff like the Hollywood Exxtreme Cleavage? Demi Bra 34D Bombshell! Shit, even the name of the bra will make you look twice. Not too expensive and a lot better than shoving socks down there like I’ve seen in some movies.

Then there is the Cleavage Enhancers / Breast Shapers By Cheeky.. These are supposed to be comfortable, flexible, transparent, waterproof and hypo-allergenic. Man, all that in one product? A really unique product in that it actually lifts the breast without a bra, thereby boosting confidence and enhancing cleavage! Man, how can you say no to that!

Then there is Our Secret which is touted to be, “Wonder Shaper Silicone Breast Forms One Size Fits All! Now you can have a fuller figure that feels and looks as natural as your own breasts, without the risk or cost of surgery. Silicone Breast Forms are comfortable, safe, water proof and specially designed to have the natural look, feel and softness of real breasts. One size fits all, hypo-allergenic, increases your breasts 1½ to 2 full bra cup sizes.” Hows that for sales copy.

There’s heaps more, not to mention boob jobs, but I think you get the gist of where I’m going. Gals love to flaunt their cleavage, even when they don’t have any! Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, the problem starts when we, as any red blooded man would, stare at them. Nope, that’s a no, no. I mean really, how could you not stare at these!

jennifer love hewitt shows cleavage


You can’t right? The problem is if you do you’re liable to get into trouble for it. Then of course you may get an eyeful of these babies.

katy perry cleavage

OK guys, stop staring, her eyes are a little higher. Damn it, stop staring will ya? 😀 Then of course you may come across something like this pair.


All beautiful women right? But by putting their cleavage out like that we’re forced to look at them and not at beautiful faces. And then we get told off for not paying attention to stuff that they’re saying, as if it’s our fault that their wearing those outfits and showing off their cleavage. Honestly, when you look at it that way you have to agree that cleavage is bullshit.

But let’s face it, as long as they’re going around flaunting it we’re going to look and as far as I’m concerned we shouldn’t get into trouble for doing what comes natural. In fact there should be a law against not being able to look. Shit, if they didn’t want us to look they wouldn’t be wearing those outfits right? RIGHT!

When you think about it cleavage is all around us. Heck they even have anime videos about it, such as this one Cleavage [DVD].

In case your interested, here are some other cleavage related products.


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