Man, these assholes are starting to get tricky. Usually you get an email that tries and sells you some cock and bull story about how you won some money and all you need to do is to provide some simple information in order to collect the cash. This is called phishing and is all about ‘fishing’ for your personal  information so that they can use it for their own evil purposes.

Well the email that I received today is different in that it doesn’t ask for that information directly. It still tells me that I won the lottery, one that Facebook is running. Using a well known company is a standard procedure that they use to legitimize themselves. As you can see from the copy of the email I posted below it sends you to a website which embellishes on the email trying to suck you in even further. Check out the email.

Facebook Lottery Team
30 St Vincent Place,
Glasgow, G1 2HL,
United Kingdom.
Facebook has selected you as one (1) of (8) winners in this year’s
Face-book online splash promo. For further instructions and directives on how to receive your cash prize,
Log on to your award notification website.
fill the online email verification form on the “Contact Us” page and submit.
Mr. David Buckley
Facebook Award Promo Team


Although this is obvious bullshit it will fool the uninitiated, those new to the web and to Facebook, but I assure you it is BULLSHIT!. Whatever you do, do not hit the email link as all this will do is show the scam artists that they have hit on an legitimate email address thereby opening up the floodgates to your inbox.
Please pass on this link to all your friends to warn them about this latest scam.
One thing to remember is that no-one is going to send you money from a lottery you never entered.
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