Many advertisers have realized the potential for exposure that blogs represent and that is the main reason that there are so many sites such as Pay Per Post, Blogsvertise, Smorty, Review Me and a myriad of others that are doing so well by acting as a medium for Bloggers and Advertisers. Advertisers will pay a minimum of $5 to hundreds of dollars for a post of up to three hundred words depending on the PR (PageRank) of the blog. The thing is that the actual post is only on the front page of the blog for a minimum of time before it disappears into the archives. After that it all depends on the prowess of the blogger in regards to SEO and Key Words on whether or not it will ever be seen again.

If on the other hand you were to decide to advertise on this blog you can be guaranteed that your link will stay on the front page for as long as you are willing to pay for the spot. Considering that this blog has a PR3 ranking (with the potential to improve) you can be guaranteed that at least the benefits of this ranking will always be there and will not be lost in the archives like a normal paid post would.

OK, so let’s talk turkey! How much will it cost for you to advertise on this blog? Let’s look at the options.

  1. A simple link will only cost $3 per month unless your link is at the top in which case it will be $5
  2. 117×30 button only $5 per month
  3. 125×125 square only $8 per month
  4. 728×90 leaderboard only $10 per month displayed at the bottom of the blog
  5. 728×90 leaderboard starting at $20 per month

The $20 leaderboard will be displayed in the best position possible at the top of the blog just below my header image. Once you have paid the $20 per month you will keep that prime position for a month and can extend it month per month unless someone outbids you for the coming month. In case of a greater bid I will give you the opportunity to raise your bid to retain your position.

If you are interested just email me at