Whilst researching for an up and coming post on mobile friendly blogs I came across a blog post by John Chow. I’m not going to link to that post because I decided years ago Not To Link To The Likes Of Darren Rowse And john Chow. John Chow’s caught my attention because it was called How To Make big Money Online. That sort of heading always catches my attention 😉

The post is about a system he is promoting called MOBE. He offers several case studies as well as a screenshot of just one day from this month. I took the liberty of taking a screenshot of that image which you can see below.

MOBE SCAM yes or no

So, in one day he got 7 sales which resulted in $8841 dollars of sales with commission of $5291. Looks good doesn’t it. Too good to be true?

I understand you can make money selling big ticket items. I once paid $10000 for software that was supposed to predict the best time to sell shares on the stock market. I’m not one to throw my money around easily either so I attended seminars and such that showed the software in action. Long story short I got sucked in. Not only the 10,000 bucks but a monthly fee to have access to the live stock ticker as well. Needless to say the software was bullshit. Looked great but didn’t do what it said it would do.

So, to say I was a little sceptical when seeing those results would be an understatement. John went on to say;

This is MOBE’s 21 step system to make your first $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 online. MTTB will give you all the tools, training, and personal 1-on-1 coaching you need to start making big commissions over and over again like clockwork. You may not pull down $100K+ a month, but it’s pretty easy to make at least $1,000 a month from it. In fact, we guarantee that you will make a commissions within 30 days or we’ll give you $500 cash!

I found the following interaction with one commenter quite interesting.

MOBE scam or not

At this point I thought it was time to do my own research on MOBE Scam Or Not!

My Research On MOBE Scam Or Not

I found My Online Business Empire Review (MOBE) pretty interesting. Robert who joined MOBE to try it out came to the conclusion that the program is a scam. He actually goes so far as to say that Matt Lloyd, the founder, is a liar. Apparently the program comes with a money back guarantee, see Chow’s quote above, but there are some conditions attached. The condition being that you had to complete all 21 steps.

Seems reasonable enough but Robert found that his access was cancelled after completing step 5! Not only that but a popup appeared asking for a further $1997 to continue with the course. Robert goes into a lot more detail but I must say it’s very convincing. Right at the end he has a link to another money making scheme. Sort of lends some weight to what Chow says in one of the comments but not enough to take the scam taste out of my mouth.

Ways To Avoid Scams Online also calls it a scam and also offers an alternative to the system, This site says if you want to get anywhere in MOBE you’ll be required to spend at least $1997 for the full program license rights. There’s also a lot of other costs. He calls it a PONZI scheme where you’re required to see the program onto others. I have to admit that was the feeling I got from John Chows post. After all. he is selling it to you. You buy into it and you sell it to others. Almost like a pyramid scheme only with products that seem a little dubious.

Does not seem as if he has any actual experience with MOBE

Time for more research.

A Work At Home Business does seem to have first hand experience with MOBE. Like my first example he also had his access cancelled after the fifth step. he was also asked to pay $1997 to continue the course. Apparently it’s this ‘licensing fee’ that will gives you the right to sell the program to others.

Apparently there is no help desk as such but you can ask for help via their FaceBook page. You would think that a program of this size would have a properly funded help desk wouldn’t you. The post also goes into detail about all the add on costs you can be subjected to. He does offer an alternative way to make money, as did the other guys. I don’t have a problem in that. Most marketers will offer an alternative and that alone does not discredit the information in the post.

Like John Chow there are a lot of people promoting MOBE as well. They try to put a positive spin on some of the negatives found on the net. Here’s a screen shot from one such site.

IS MOBE a scam

Appears to me that means you don’t get the $500 because you haven’t completed the 21 steps. But that’s OK, you can stay an affiliate and promote the program to others??? Personally I’ve never had to pay to join and affiliate and I don’t see why you should have to. Also how can you honestly promote a product that you have no idea as to it’s legitimacy. I personally prefer to promote products that I use and enjoy.

I’d like to finish off with this thread in the Warrior Forum. This is a thread where Matt Lloyd actually fronts up to answer some questions. Unfortunately his replies remind me of all those politicians that try to confuse you with gobbledygook instead of giving a straight answer.

I’m not saying MOBE is a scam but I can tell you that I work to hard for my money to invest in something that has the stink of a Scam. Oh, and just to let you know, I’m actually not selling anything. I just had something to say, and that’s no bullshit 😉

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It’s my personal opinion that Thesis V2.03 sucks. I’ve run this blog on Thesis 1.something ever since its conception. I originally bought Thesis because it was supposed to work out straight out of the box. It didn’t. I needed to learn Hooks to get it to do the stuff that I wanted it to. What a lot of bullshit! I decided to keep it for this blog while I ran all my other blogs on a theme I found that actually worked right out of the box. That Theme is FlexSqueeze2!

These are my other blogs.

  1. A Loving Memorial: A blog that came about after the death of Josie Zollo, my beautiful sister-in-law.
  2. WellBlogMe: My first blog which I originally started because I read that Google loved changing content and I figured a blog was the way to do it. As this blog was part of my The Elusive Pot Of Gold domain I thought that any PR gained by the blog would pas onto the main site and I reckon it did.
  3. BlogSire: My second blog. The intention for this blog was to pass on some of the information I had gained through my blogging ventures onto my readers. It contains a blogging tutorial in how to blog for money as well as blogging tips and tricks. I also try to pass on any SEO, Search Engine Optimization, techniques I have picked up along the way.
  4. SBizzTech: My third blog was a journey into sharing my experience in the business and technology sector. My technology knowledge is rather limited but I thought it necessary to give me a leg in gaining some ‘paid post’ opportunity in this field. Paid Posts are where you get paid to write posts for companies and are virtual ‘blogging ads’, something which I feel is a necessary evil for earning money in this world of ours.
  5. Scenic Adelaide: My first photo blog where I proudly display photos of Adelaide and surrounding districts.
  6. Photos2Blog: My full on photo blog. I started this so that I could show off the photos that would not fit into my Scenic Adelaide blog. Where possible I try to pass on relevant information about each photo as well as any tips I can pass on.
  7. Top Software Online: This one is relatively new and is all about reviewing products that I’m offering on my online software store.
  8. Top Sexual Aids: My latest blog and probably the closest I will ever get to a niche blog, but if you have to have a niche blog it may as well be about sex, right? lol
  9. Buy Online Lotto Tickets: A brand spanking new blog that I hope will build my residual income.
  10. The Gifts Guru: I started this niche blog to capitalise on the WP Zon Builder plugin
  11. Get Online Lottery Tickets: After the success of my last lottery site I started this one so I can increase the earning potential by targeting different keywords.
  12. EZ eSports Betting: Another niche blog. Why not when the last ones are doing so well.

Oh, did I forget to mention that this blog also runs on FlexSqueeze2. You probably noticed something was different about it. I mean, it looks a whole lot better and loads quicker too. I should have changed over long ago but I have this thing about not throwing good money away.

Why Thesis V2.03 Is The Worst Theme Ever

I Because Google now penalises blogs that are not mobile friendly, which this blog running Thesis 1.8 was’t, I had to update it to the latest Thesis V2.03. Unfortunately when I activate the theme all I got was the white screen of death. The forums were useless. I wrote about it on my Wassupblog. You’ll notice from one of the comments that Thesis V2.03 only works on new blog installs. How bloody stupid is that? I wasn’t going to stand for that bullshit so I finally have given Thesis the flick and using the best WordPress theme I have ever come across. FlexSqueeze2!

That’s why I’m putting a bomb under Thesis V2.03!!!

Thesis V2.03 Putting a bomb under Thesis V2.03

William Hill

I sometimes wonder about Gillian Triggs. As the president of the Australian Human Rights Commission I would have thought that she would be completely apolitical. That she shouldn’t be taking sides and the only thing that should be occupying her mind is the human rights issues. Unfortunately most of the time I see her on TV I’m under the impression that her only interest in human rights is when she can use it as a weapon agains the reigning Liberal government.

I always thought it strange the human rights issues of the asylum seekers didn’t come to her attention until after the Liberals came to power. Lets have a look at some of the dates. Gillian Triggs becomes president of the Australian Human Rights Commission on 27th July 2012. Tony Abbott becomes the Prime Minister on the 18th of September 2013. Strange that she didn’t bring up any human rights issues while Labor was in government and asylum seekers were dying while attempting to reach Australian shores. Especially that more children were held in detention under Labor than are currently held under the Liberal Government.

Nope! She waited until the 3rd of February 2014 before launching the National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014! Is that because she had the Liberals in her sights?

As a lawyer and a woman in a very prominent position I would have thought that the only time she would offer an opinion was when she had all her facts in order. Imagine the surprise when I hear her claiming the detention centres housing our asylum seekers were patrolled by armed guards likening them to prisons. A claim she had to retract after being challenged on the false assertion.

Then there is the ridiculous ruling, as reported in the Australian,  where she recommended $350,000 compensation be paid to Indonesian refugee John Basikbasik. This is the man who had visa cancelled and was placed in immigration detention after serving an Australian prison sentence for bashing his pregnant wife to death.

She is quite happy to confirm reports of multiple women attempting to commit suicide on Christmas Island. You would thing a woman in her position wouldn’t make such a claim until she got her facts right. But maybe that wasn’t as important as having a dig at the current Liberal government.

Then there was the false claims, as reported by Andrew Bolt in the Herald Sun, of children not receiving medical treatment. It seems that most of the time she’s more interested in getting an emotional reaction for the media against the government than in reporting actual facts.

So far, it seems to me that Gillian Triggs should be awarded the Bullshit Artist Of The Year Award.

Gillian Triggs Bullshit

Sure I feel sorry for those kids in detention but isn’t it better to be there than to be taken away from their parents. And if the countries they were escaping from was so terrible that they feared for their lives if they stayed, isn’t it better to be safely held in custody while their status was being looked into? And if they wanted the process to go a lot quicker then maybe they shouldn’t have destroyed their papers.

William Hill